09 September 2010

Always Leave 'Em Wanting More

It's been a while since I wrote.  Let's just say I've been busy.  This whole moving-your-life-from-Australia-to-the-US-to-Singapore-finding-a-job-getting-two-dogs-through-quarantine-in-one-piece-and-navigating-the-ridiculous-Singapore-rental-market thing is kind of time-consuming.  But rest assured: in my absence, I've been collecting lots of stories that I will soon unleash upon the world.  Oh, and they're good.  Really good.  But because I don't have time right this second to get into too much detail, I'll just leave you with some tantalizing photos to keep you obsessively checking this website daily, hourly... until my return. 

(evil laugh)

What is that?  Seriously, what the hell is that?

Am I in China?  What's going on?

No, we moved to India, just messing with you!

Ha ha, very funny, we really moved to Abu Dhabi.  Let's go watch "Sex and the City 2" and laugh about how inappropriate it was for them to film a movie there!

Actually, I just wandered onto the set of "Best in Show 2: Unclipped"

Is this supposed to be Spain?  If so, I want to go to there.

What the hell is THAT? (part deux)

And finally...

Looks can be deceiving.