21 May 2010

On Pins and Needles, Part II

We've been waiting for MONTHS to find out where Chris would be placed for his third rotation.  On pins and needles, if you will.  First, we thought it might be Denmark.  Then it was Singapore.  Then it was Denmark again.  Then, Australia.  Then Tokyo.  And that's just in the space of one day!

Well, the verdict is in.  And the lucky city that will be hosting us for the next 8+ months is...

Singapore.  We're excited to live in a place that's pretty different from anything we're used to.  It's all part of having crazy fun adventures, right?  Here are some photos i snagged from the interwebs:

 Now, I know a total of five things about Singapore:

1. It is an island nation/city bordering Malaysia.
2. The weather is extremely hot.
3. It is home to the Equatorial Black Spitting Cobra, which resides in the forested areas (?) of Singapore.
    3a. We will not be living in the forested areas of Singapore.
4. Singapore Airlines is supposed to be awesome.
5. Vestas has an office there.

A little help, people?  Can anyone give me some more firsthand info about our wonderful new home?  As an incentive, I'm proposing a contest.  Whoever submits the best (a.k.a. most useful/fascinating) bit of Singapore intel will receive something of his/her choice knitted by me.  Because, really, what's the point of wearing knitwear in a place that never dips below 90 degrees?  Contest ends June 15.  Hurry!


  1. 6. Singapore is very close to Thailand with multiple cheap low cost flying to many cool spot in Thailand in the range of 150 to 200 USD

    7. Mew lives in Thailand OMG

    8. I foresee some trips coming up. We must visit each other. period.

    9. I miss you and Chris and some good Chinese food in Singapore!!

  2. Singapore spelled backwards is 'eropagnis' which is Greek for large platypus! Think about it.... The synergies are there!